It can be very frustrating when you cannot find the file you are looking for. You are not sure whether the file is lost or has been deleted by mistake. This is what happens when your computer files are not organized. Here are four ideas for organising your computer files.

Use folders

You should always keep your files inside folders. This way your files will be organised, and it will be easy to locate them. The folders must be properly labelled so that you know what files this folder contains. You should not put all your files in one folder. Use different folders for storing different types of files. So, don’t store all the files in the same place, like in Desktop. Use My Documents and other places as well.

Organise by category or date

You can organise your folders by category; for example, you can place all your school files in the ‘School’ folder or all your personal files in the ‘Personal’ folder. You should keep music, photos, videos and documents in separate folders. You can also organise by date. But when you label your folder as date, make sure you add a little description that will tell you what files are inside.

Don’t have too many subfolders

Subfolers are important for organizing files. But too many subfolders will make it cluttered. It can be very tedious to open one folder after another to find the file you are looking for.

Organize desktop folders with Fences

‘Fences’ is a great program that helps you organize the folders in your desktop. Using this you can clean up your desktop too. Having too many folders on the desktop can reduce the speed of your computer.

These are all useful tips for orgainzing your files and folders in computers. Organizing files and folders not only makes searching easy, but also boosts the performance of the computer.

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